Why Natural?

Our mission is to bring you wines made from organically grown grapes, by small, independent producers using traditional methods.  Wines that don't contain coloring agents or artificial flavors, but do capture the essence of a specific place, in a specific year.  Wines that are as unique as the individuals who make them.

We are not interested in adhering to a rigid, dogmatic definition of "Natural Wine."   Rather, we want to bring you wines that are delicious to drink.  We also want to provide as much information as possible about how a wine is made, how the grapes are grown, the terroir that it comes from and the history that it represents.  We offer wines suitable for vegans, provide choices with no and low added sulfites and bring you a large selection of biodynamic wines.

We've grown up with the explosion of farmer's markets, the farm to table movement, the growth of Slow Food and the sea change in interest about where our food comes from.  We took Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to heart, shop in New York City's amazing farmer's markets and grow anxious each Spring waiting for asparagus to arrive (and yes, there are wines that go with it!).

During this same time, we fell in love with wine, and soon discovered that most wines sold in the United States contain "color enhancers," preservatives, chemical stabilizers, Mega Purple™, "oak essence," sugar, acid and the like.  In fact, there are over 200 products listed by the FDA that are permitted to be used in wine besides grapes.

So we created The Natural Wine Company to bring you something different—wines that are made in small quantities, by people who care deeply about what they do, and who don't think much of those 200 or so additives they're allowed to use.  Like grass-fed beef and fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, our wines are alive with flavor and a vitality that only a natural product can convey.  We think that you'll taste the difference and ask you give them a try.


On the subject of additives in wine, and why we do what we do, we recommend:

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